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Austin Reed of Regent Street, est 1900.

The first menswear retailer to specifically target the growing population of London commuters, Austin Reed specialised in ready-to-wear menswear that was still made with the same expertise and consideration as a made-to-measure suit but could be bought on the go by the time-poor businessman.

It was in the 1920s when Austin Reed really took flight, prompted by a centennial redevelopment in Regent Street and the subsequent arrival of the brand’s prestigious flagship store, which remains to this day.

Crucially, the company has rapidly evolved to meet the desires of discerning shoppers from all over the world, also experiencing many defining moments since its former role as consultant to Sir Winston Churchill and numerous other high profile figures as varied as Elizabeth Taylor and The Beatles. From more recent modern expansions into womenswear and highly-anticipated launches of the diffusion labels RED, Cut, 110 and Luxury For Less, Austin Reed continues to innovate with an ethos that embodies style and substance simultaneously.

Text excerpt from http://www.austinreed.co.uk/

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